Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mr. X and the Ice Queen - Sascha's Designs @ Swank

Is it bad to be called an ice Queen... Mr. X said yes and no... I think an ice queen is cool and calculating -- a woman who is able to hide her emotions for the good of others even though her heart is on fire -- warm enough to melt arctic ice!  Mr. X, this Ice Queen invites you to come to her secret grove... and listen to the snow fall gently around us... a frozen kiss...

Mr. X said I would surely melt arctic ice in this new gown by Sascha's Designs called Ice Queen that is an exclusive @ Swank.  It is made for classic mesh bodies with an alpha, plus Belleza and Maitreya (worn) mesh bodies.  I love the like ruffle detail around the neckline - it  reminds me of snowflakes.  The gloves even come with a hud for poses.

Sascha's designs is always generous in terms of looks that  her gowns offer... everything from sleek and sultry to airy and light to a lavish train... of  fluff!  It is so pretty each way it is worn --- Mr. X cannot decide which look he likes best!   Ice Queen also comes with wings and a tiara.

Mr. X as you fall asleep in my arms, remember ---  I am the Ice Queen... and you, my beloved are my King... and as we know... the flames get higher and hotter every day.... come, retreat with me... into our frozen paradise.


Swank Exclusive

Gown - Sascha's Designs - Ice Queen
Main Store -

Hair - Emo-tions - Jannie - White/Black

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mr. X and Winter Splendor.... New !!SMD!! & Emo-tions

A snow maiden wanders through the cold corridors of her castle, it is like a fortress -- drafty with little light...she thinks to herself, it is time to return to my friends in the forest. To bathe at midnight in the hot springs in a hidden evergreen glade where it is always summer... a magical place where pixie's cavort and fairies mingle and gossip...

Alas, this winter maiden is surrounded by snow -- the trees are iced with their bare branches glinting like diamonds... she lives in a frozen world of winter splendor... Her heart warms when she dreams of her beloved as she remembers the winter sun glinting on his frosted hair-- 

 The  snow is deep on the ground -- in the distance she hears the faint sound of chimes...  urging here ever onward... the wind blows through bare branches that etch the winter sky... they call to her... a distant memory fading in the midst of  the night...

    I love this new gown by !!SMD!!  called Winter Splendor.  It  it is made for mesh bodies - Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies and comes with whispy winter flexi prim attachments and a beautifully wrought necklace of fur and ice... The gown is available in  ice, snow, sage  and peppermint.


  Gown !!SMD!!  Winter Splendor - Sage, Snow and Ice

  Hair - Emo-tions - Leni Blonde


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mr. X.. and Raina - Three choices by Bliss @ Fashion Dazzle

I asked Mr. X if he thought Santa was sexy... he laughed at me (again) then said, but Sita, you look awfully sexy in that cute little outfit called Raina that is an exclusive at Fashion Dazzle by Bliss.  And, I must admit, it is sooo darn cute!  I feel like a sweet glimmering sugar plum fairy in the pink version of Raina.

Raina is made for mesh bodies including belleza, slink and maitreya (worn) as well as fit mesh in five sizes.  I love the detail of this  festive holiday dress that comes in red, black and green glitter as well as in pastel colors, pink (love pink!), silver and blue.

And, in the silver version I feel like a sparkling, crystal snowflake falling from the dark night sky... dancing and twirling everywhere... Raina comes with a necklace with bells on it, antlers and even a cute deer nose attachment! I have also paired this with another find at Fashion Dazzle, Nebula Gen2 hair by Firelight that comes in a full rich version and in a whispy version that is controlled by a hud.

Another find at Fashion Dazzle is the beautiful Christmas Gown by Bliss called Carolyna. I love the belt detailing around the bodice of this gown that gives it a spicey and sweet vibe -- Mr. X loves that!  I also love the texture on the bodice... it is really pretty especially with the new sultry lipsticks from Jumo called  Christy that is made for classic, catwa and letuka mesh heads.

I love the festive  floral hemline texture of Carolyna  that compliments the  bodice.  Carolyna comes with a six color changing hud including: blue, black, deep red, purple lavender, and green.  It is made for  Maitreya, Slink and Belleza and TMP mesh bodies.


Fashion Dazzle Exclusives

Dress #1-3 - Raina - Bliss and  hair by Firelight - Nebula Gen2 (black hud and pastels)
Gown - Carolyna

Lipstick - Jumo - Christy

Leggings - Ghee -Winter Warmer's Pumps with Socks

Mr. X and Faith - New Jumo @ Swank and Madeline - Emo-tions

I told Mr. X  that I really have no idea what faith means...except that I believe in what I believe in... perhaps it is the substance of life, what keeps us going... it forms the foundation of achievements and setting future goals...whatever it you... I have "Faith" in this new gown by  Jumo -- love it! This is an exclusive @ Swank!

Faith is made for belleza, slink and maitreya (worn) bodies... and has a massive 16 color changing hud for the jacket and for the gown so there are so many  of textures and colors to choose from.and mix and match .. it is really amazing... so many different looks!

I love the texture of this very "swank" fur  jacket --- Mr. X tells me it feels real, it looks real and best of all it is prims... no "real" animals used and it is  PETA  approved... what gets better than that! The gown is beautiful and comes in solids, laces and interesting textures... it is up to you to choose what you want to put with the fur wrap... get this at Swank and have fun.

 I am also wearing the whispy fab updo  that is an exclusive by Emo-tions called Madeline at  Hairology... I love the casual bun and  the romantic wispy strands of hair  that frame my  face... Mr. X thinks it is so  romantic and so do I -- told him... NO  tugging on the hair lol!!!   And --- woot... these fabulous   diamond  drop earrings...  come with Faith... (hahah faith in diamonds perhaps!!!)

Wearing - Swank  Exclusive

Jumo Gown - Faith

Hair -  Emo-tions - Hairology

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mr. X and Holly - * New* Jumo @ Designers Showcase

Holly’s are always beautiful. Generally they are the image of a princess, with long, thick wavy hair and huge shiny eyes, as well as a body that has the guys gaping at their curves whenever they doll-up.  And, "doll-up" I did in this gorgeous new gown by Jumo called... what else Holly!

Holly comes with a color changing hud for the gown and for the sheer cape that is  so elegant. I love the 3-D look that the top of the dress gets when you add the sheer cape... it is sheer perfection!  This gown is made for  all belleza and slink bodies and for maitreya bodies too (as I always wear). 

Holly comes with holiday ready drop gold and diamond earrings that you just won't want to take off!!  I am also wearing Candice Hair by Jumo and a new eye-shadow, my favorite to date called Sheba (she should have called it Sita -- hahaha)!  

Always reliable and honest, Holly’s are the first one called when a problem arises, and the most likely to stand by you. They will never let you down. Anyone who has a Holly in their life is blessed.

Designers showcase LM
LM :

Hair - Jumo- Candice

Eyes - Jumo- Sheba

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mr. X and the Winter Deer - irriSIStible and Pink Box @ Swank

The Deer Queen... an Empress of Innocence like gently falling snow... She sits alone on a frozen throne...passing days of joy watching her pets play... Left alone to fend for herself, she is not sure which way she wants to go... she  watches for a silver star to light her way... I found the perfect Deer Queen outfit by irriSIStible called Winter Deer  and a winter scene by Pink Box @ the December Swank... must haves!

I recall days gone by when her namesake Sita was tricked by the magical golden deer  that roamed here and there... and caught Sita's attention  as if  it was destiny... on that  very the day when Lakshmana was not there to help Lord Rama... the way of destiny can be cruel all actions have consequences -- sometimes they take years to play out and sometimes, it is more immediate. Winter Deer by irriSIStible  comes is made for mesh bodies and is LOADED with goodies.  It comes with an outfit for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya (worn bodies) plus Omega appliers.

Winter Deer even comes with a fantastic skin that is compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, with the advanced skin applier I am able to wear it with my Maitreya body and my mesh head -- YAY!  I love the detail in this skin... that mirrors however faintly the spots on the deerskin sweater I am  wearing-- not to mention the  cool lips and cute deer nose... or is it a dear nose -- haha !

Winter Deer even comes with beautiful mesh eyes... and hair and a fur tiara.  The skin with the omega appliers was as easy as pie... and look at these antlers and the  gorgeous fur stole and top.  Really fun and really artfully creative.... it is "irresistible"!

The backdrop for this is another fantastic treat from Swank by Pink Box called Polar Animal Surprise.  I cannot believe all you get for just 29 prims... a pond,  snow,  a polar bear and cub, trees,  winter plants, penguins on rocks... and seals in the water... it is so well done... I love it! 

 Swank Exclusives
Event LM -

Wearing - irriSIStible  - Winter Deer

Scene - Pink Box - Polar Animal Surprise

Mr. X and Mrs. Santa! Finds @ Fashion Dazzle

This gown called Giselle Santa  is an exclusive @ Fashion Dazzle and is made by Suna Design.  It is made for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya  mesh bodies. I love the festive floral embellishment around the hem of this sexy santa gown that is also picked up in the fur trimmed cape...perfect for a winter midnight meeting with Santa Baby!

The Giselle Santa Gown also comes with heels made for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya and TMP high feet, a cape (S,M,L,XL), a hat and gloves (S, M, L).I am  wearing hair by Firelight, another exclusive at Fashion Dazzle.  Firelight is a new hair designer for me, and anyone that knows me, knows that I love hair.  Nebula comes with a Gen2 Hud with 12 colors (except Darks, which has 18 colors) in each of two effects -- wispy and rich/full. It is easy to switch between the two looks because it is easily done with the hud -- and so much fun!

Wispy Effect -- this effect shows individual strands and, on most styles, has a more natural looking effect. The downside is that the hair may leave an alpha halo effect when wearing clothes with alpha in them or when standing against an alpha background (trees, plants, etc). I didn't have any alpha trouble with this hair when wearing it as you can see.

Rich/Full Effect -- This effect doesn't show individual strands, and it gives the effect of a plush full set of hair. It looks better on some styles, and it also does not have any of the alpha halo issues.

Wearing Fashion Dazzle  Exclusives 

Gown - Sana - Giselle Santa 

Hair - Firelight - Nebula

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mr. X Radiant in Red...Holy Couture - Virtual Diva @ Swank....

Mr. X, the holidays are  emerging and it is so much fun... and there are so many lovely  gowns, outfits, trees, winter gardens and cozy scenes at the December Swank.  I was immediately attracted to the gorgeous red gown called Holy  Couture by Virtual Diva.

This mesh gown, that fit my maitreya body perfectly is punctuated with a  artfully created  flower at the waist and lovely  petals that flare from the back of this  very red gown called Holy  Couture  that is an exclusive at Swank.

In the  background is  Tm:. Creation -  [Angel] PG Winter scene that is an  Exclusive  at  SWANK  w/anim (8) and the bonus  woot ground cover winter leaves  v1 - Prim count: 0.5 .  It is  100% mesh and so amazing,* Menu Cuddle PG + singles standing animations for 2 persons:- COUPLES PG: 33 couple poses (66 cuddle PG animations 30 sec loop x each)- SEQU PG: 2 PG Sequence (for couple). Play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each)- SOLO (F/M): 24 animations

Swank Exculsives
Wearing  Swank Exclusive
Event LM -

Wearing  Outfit  - Virtual  Diva --  Holy Couture

Set - Swank  - TM Creations -Angel  Winter Scene

Hair - Virtual Diva - Bride 2

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mr. X @ December Swank - L.A. BoS and Virtual Diva

Swank is open through December 31... get there for tons of exclusive  holiday gifts for friends, loved ones... and, yes.... for you... after all you have to look -- dare I say,  SWANK --  this holiday season... and one way to do that is to get this gown by L.A. BoS.   

I love it and so does Mr. X--- so come on Mr. X... bring it on... all that holiday cheer... !I dream of meeting you again someday, until that time, I shall wander alone... in a gorgeous gown... by L.A. BoS...  and, yes, it is so elegant that  all eyes cannot help but follow me.

This gown is expertly crafted... and made for  classic, slink, maitreya and belleza mesh bodies. It also comes with a six color changing hud with  six fabulous patterns... and the textures are amazing.

 I tried every pose and this texture does not break up... it is crisp, clear and beyond interesting... one of the most tantalizing textures I have seen in SL in  some time... I am excited (so is Mr. X--- and woot woot... but, then again, I never ever, kiss and tell!!)

Wearing  Swank Exclusive
Event LM -

L.A. BoS - The Gown
Event LM -
Main Store -

Hair - Virtual Diva -  Elle

Jewelry - JW- Reindeer

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mr. X and Lyra - * New Wicca's Wardrobe*

Always, the light falls on the hair of my beloved... I think about this as I wander down the path from the great house in golden light... looking for adventure... it is something we all dream about at one time or another isn't it?

Let's not live a life  of trips never taken and sights never seen... words that were not written...and food that was not enjoyed.  Can't you hear the call Mr. X of distant lands and foreign horizons?  I can and I have found a per perfectly whimsical outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe to wear called Lyra.

Lyra is an exclusive through December 10 at the 4-Mesh Event and is made for mesh bodies - slink and maitreya, Lara. It is so much fun to  wear because of the color changing hud!  Change the colors of the skirt and top, the ruffles on both of them as well as the seams and belt on the skirt. You can even change the color of the metal on the belt buckle and eyelets. 

Wearing Wicca's Wardrobe - Lyra @ 4Mesh Event
Event LM-

Eyemake-up - Jumo - Sheba

Photo Studio - Virtual Mesh - Image Photography

Hair - Shi

Friday, December 1, 2017

Mr. X-Out shopping -Ashmoot @ FAD, Emo-tions and New Photo Studio

I am sad today, and when I feel that way, I told Mr. X there is one of two ways to make me feel happy... and since he is not around.. I decided to check out the FAD  event is going on now thru December 19.  The theme is "Light the Way"!  While browsing, I discovered a great outfit by AsHmOot that has many pieces sold separately to create a  terrific look.

Made for classic, belleza, maitreya, and slink bodies. The stockings come with slink and maitreya omega appliers.  There are so many parts to this great look including: coll lace stockings and shoes,  Ling Coll Lace Shorts, Ling Coll Stockings with garter belt, off the shoulder sweater,Coll HK Socks and Heels, a fur vest, round glasses, pocketbook and Acct Coll Bowler Hat.

All the pieces of the fab outfit are at a "Fad" exclusive price through December 19, after that they will be available at the mainstore at normal prices.

I shot this blog with the new photo studio by Image Photography and it is  great. It comes with a ontrol tower, a tower HUD and 65 textures plus 25 plain colors kept in the top right drive on the studios right side , You can add more which must be FULL PERM!  you may add more textures by editing the studio and dropping them into the content tab. The studio had 50 poses and again you may add more or any kind by editing the studio and adding to the content box. Use the "scroll buttons" to change poses found above the anim drive buttons. There are drives either side of the studio..3 of each.  the left set is for anims and the right set  is for textures! these drives are extras if you wish to keep certain poses separate or textures in there own special place for easy finding and use. There are tons of options including resizing the studio and posting directly to the internet. This studio is low prim and a must must have.

Outfit -AsHmOot -Direct LM to FAD
AsHmOot @

Hair - Emo-tions - Before and After

Photo Studio - Virtual Mesh - Image Photography

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

December Round @ FAD features Ghee through Dec. 19

A  "FAB" exclusive at FAD by Ghee lets you stay snug and stylish.  Mr. X loves to touch the soft knitted Winter Whites sweater dress comes in six pretty frosted pastel shades. The Sweater Dress is sold in single colours with a discounted fatpack also available. This is made for mesh bodies only Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), Maitreya (Lara) and SLink (Physique, Hourglass).

For the total look,  add the perfectly coordinated whimsical Snowflake Tights and Winter Warmers Pumps with Socks. The Snowflake Tights are sold as a 6 in 1 pack of OMEGA Appliers.  I love them, they are so cool and so very cozy... but, this  "fab" winter look is not finished.....

The Winter Warmer's Pumps with Socks are sold separately as a HUD driven item with 6 colours for the socks and 6 for the shoes. Materials enabled.


Wearing - Ghee  Exclusives at FAD - Winter Whites sweater dress, Winter Warmer's Pumps with Socks and Snowflake Tights.

Main Store -

Hair - Jumo - Candice - Crystals

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mr. X Cooking Up a Storm... NerdAlert @ Yin and Yang and Heart Homes

What can I say... I love to bake... and it is the time of year when I have been cooking up a storm... and hopefully not putting on the pounds like a storm!!  In SL Aphrodite @ Heart Homes makes it easy to be the perfect hostess for the holidays with this absolutely adorable rustic buffet table replete with wagon wheels and roses. This table, called Once Upon a Table is a rare gatcha at the enchantment event... so make sure you try to get it.

There is every sorta cookie, donut, cake, and candy available... even hot chocolate and chocolate dipped marshmallows... oh yum! There is also a special stand with blankets to keep you warm.   I decided to take a break and have a hot chocolate and admire all the baked goods on this table!

I am wearing an exclusive at Swank called the Ombre Sweater - Fatpack Edition by :NerdALERT: at the special price of 200L.  This is made for belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a wonderful eight color changing hud.  The matching mesh Leggings in Black Sequin are also available at the Yin/Yang event for just  L$99 (150 L in the store).

Set- Aphrodite @ Heart Homes -Once Upon a Table
Exclusive @ Enchantment


:NerdALERT:  - Ombre Sweater and Black Sequin Leggings - Yin/Yang
Event LM - Event LM -

Necklace - Jumo - Angelina

Hair - Jumo - Quinn - Blondes